New Star Wars Jedi Training Remote Heliball now available!

New Star Wars Jedi Training Remote Heliball now available!

New Star Wars Jedi Training Remote Heliball now available!

Amazon has debuted a brand new Star Wars themed item: a Jedi training remote control heliball! This heliball costs $30 and shipping is free.

According to the details:

  • TRAIN LIKE A JEDI: Use the power of The Force to Control the Miniature Droid. Use a lightsaber beneath to control it, it or use your hands or feet!
  • JEDI’S USE THIS DROID for combat training as Luke Skywalker did in the original Star Wars episode IV entitled Star Wars: A New Hope when Obi Wan Kenobi trained Luke in the ways of the Force
  • FORCE CONTROL: Control the Force to control the droid! Using Heliball patented motion sensing technology you can control the speed and height of your droid using your hands or feet
  • 2 MODES: RC Mode for manual control. Mode 2: ‘Force Control’. Official Star Wars toys for indoor use only authorised and licensed by Disney
  • AUTO FLIGHT: Use Hand, Foot or solid objects such as Lightsabers beneath to Control the droids height
  • Now you can train like a Jedi! Use the power of the Force to control this miniature droid used in Jedi combat training.
  • Jedi training remote is propeller powered, and features Repulsors, as seen on the original Jedi training remote featured in Star Wars, ‘A New Hope’.
  • Train like Luke Skywalker and avoid the simulated sting beams which fire at random!
  • Official Star Wars licensed flying toy from Wow! Stuff.
  • Brand: Disney 
  • Character: Star Wars
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Ages 8 years and up
  • Inspired by Star Wars

Here are a couple of photos of this cool heliball:

SW Jedi Training Remote Heliball 1

SW Jedi Training Remote Heliball 2

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