Three secrets of the new Sphero BB-8 toy

Three secrets of the new Sphero BB-8 toy

Three secrets of the new Sphero BB-8 toy, has an interesting review that goes over a few secrets of the Sphero BB-8 toy. (I will be doing my own review of the toy shortly.)

Here are some secrets you may not have known about the toy:

  1. The toy is equipped with a strong magnet. This magnet gives virtual support to keep BB-8’s head up if he bumps into something hard.
  2. Next is the Patrol mode. This mode on the app allows BB-8 to explore on his own, helps keep tabs on BB-8’s whereabouts, and helps him learn ins and outs of spaces that he’s already bumped into, avoid. That makes him a “learning robot!”
  3. And last is the Message mode. This mode allows BB-8 to record a message of what you say and then project it from his head as a hologram (just like Leia did in A New Hope)–but only through the screen of an iPhone or an iPad device.

FYI: Sphero’s BB-8 is out of stock on many sites as of this writing, including Bed Bath & Beyond. I’ll be posting updates when this toy comes back in stock.


  1. He is back in stock at bb&b. Just ordered him


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