Finn holding the lightsaber

New Japanese video of The Force Awakens on Youtube!

Did you know that Star Wars director J.J. Abrams broke his back while rescuing Harrison’s foot?

Have you heard that J.J. Abrams broke his back during the filming of The Force Awakens?

Star Wars IMAX

IMAX presentation details of The Force Awakens

Force Awakens IMAX details have been revealed

Extra details about the release of “The Force Awakens” 70mm IMAX 3D

New details on the 70mm IMAX screenings of The Force Awakens

IMAX details of The Force Awakens

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John Boyega disguised as a Stormtrooper

500 Stormtroopers march on the Great Wall of China in the epic Disney event

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The Force Awakens will be streaming on Netflix in Canada first

Luke is not going to be evil in The Force Awakens! Sorry!

Cinemus of the US ban Lightsabers from the screenings at The Force Awakens

US Cinemus ban both Lightsabers and masks from The Force Awakens screenings


Terminally ill Star Wars Fan wishes to see The Force Awakens early

Mark Hamill backs a campaign to allow a terminally ill fan to see The Force Awakens early

Star Wars fan with Terminal cancer pleads to see The Force Awakens before the release date of the movie

Terminally ill Star Wars Fan wants to see the movie early before he dies

Is the new Force Awakens droid BB-8 a female?

New Force Awakens images revealed!

Force Awakens set secrets revealed

Princess Leia is now General Leia!?

Leia is now a rebel general!

Leia is not a princess anymore

The Force Awakens uses characters BB-8 and Chewbacca to promote Version

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Force Awakens actor John Boyega (Finn or FN-2187) spends time with sick children and gives them toys!

Win A Death Squad Stormtrooper helmet from the movie Rogue One

New ANA 'Star Wars' planes

ANA is announcing new Star Wars themed planes

Japan’s Largest airline is launching Star Wars themed planes

Japan’s All Nippon Air joins forces with Star Wars to unveil R2-D2 plane video

R2-D2 themed jet unveiled

Star Wars has made Anakin’s name one of the top 1,000 baby names


 New Force Awakens images features Kylo Ren in action

Movie director J.J. Abrams spills details on Kylo Ren

New look at the Force Awakens villain Kylo Ren

 A new major revelation helps explain Kylo Ren

Spoiler Alert! Kylo Ren isn’t what you think he is


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New Force Awakens promo art features the characters and more

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Disney plans an all-out Star Wars toy plush

Director J.J. Abrams struggling on not trying to become a fan boy

Season 1 of Star Wars Rebels is out on Blue-Ray today!

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Kraft Mac & Cheese

Kraft Mac & Cheese and Rancho Obi-Wan team up

Actress Gwendoline Christie talks about why it matters that Captain Phasma is a women

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