Star Wars Costume Spotlight: Senator Bail Organa

Star Wars Costume Spotlight: Senator Bail Organa

Star Wars Costume Spotlight: Senator Bail Organa

Hey Star Wars fans! For this next costume spotlight, it will be of Leia’s adopted father, the great Senator Bail Organa.

Remember, according to Leia, Obi-Wan served Senator Organa during the Clone Wars. During Order 66 Senator Organa went to the Jedi Temple to look for Yoda, but instead he saw thousands of Troops attacking the temple and witnessed the death of a youngling.

After he rescued Yoda and Obi-Wan, Bail Organa was then entrusted with adopting Leia when she was born.

Senator Organa was also seen in the Star Wars Rebels TV series and in the Rogue One film. During a scene in Rogue One, he mentioned Obi-Wan’s name saying that he will send Leia to Tatooine to fetch him.

Then in episode IV he died along with his people when his peaceful home planet Alderaan was destroyed by the Death Star.

Before we go onto the costume lets look at this composite sketch of Senator Organa:

Senator Bail Organa Concept Sketch


Here’s Senator Organa wearing a traditional Senator outfit in Attack of the Clones:

Senator Organa Attack of the Clones


Here’s Senator Organa wearing the same outfit from Attack of the Clones:

Senator Organa The Clone Wars


Here’s the other traditional Senator outfit he wore in Revenge of the Sith:

Full Senator Bail Organa costume


In this close up you can see that the metal that holds the robe has some scratches on it. The fabric of the robe looks very soft:



Here’s Senator Organa in Star Wars Rebels:

Senator Bail Organa SWR


Here’s Senator Organa live in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story:

Senator Bail Organa RO

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