Star Wars Costume Spotlight: Mace Windu and Luminara Unduli

Star Wars Costume Spotlight: Mace Windu and Luminara Unduli

Star Wars Costume Spotlight: Mace Windu and Luminara Unduli

Today’s Star Wars costume spotlights is Jedi Master Mace Windu and Jedi Master Luminara Unduli!

During the battle of Geonosis, Windu, Luminara, and several other Jedi fought against an overwhelming force of battle droids. During the battles, Windu fought against Jango Fett and won, cutting off his head in the process.

Windu did fight tough battles during the Clone Wars including the one on Dantooine. Luminara also fought a lot of battles too in the Clone Wars, including the one where she and Yoda helped reenforce the Wookies on the planet Kashyyyk.

After Anakin told Windu that Palpatine was the Sith Lord that all Jedi had been looking for, Windu took three Jedi masters to arrest Palpatine but they failed. Windu tried to kill Palpatine but Anakin interfered and Windu was thrown from the window.

As for Luminara she did at first survived Order 66 but was then captured by the Empire and was executed in her cell. Her bones where used to lure any surviving Jedi that also survived Order 66 like Kanen and Ezra for example.

Here’s the full Mace Windu costume. You can see here that the sleeves of the Jedi robe hare a lot longer:

Full Mace Windu Costume


Here’s the full Luminara costume. The fabric design is very well thought out but the wrist bracelets and belt buckle look rusted:

Full Luminara Costume


In this close-up you can see that there are holes on the bottom of the Luminara’s robe:

Costume Close-Up

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