Star Wars Costume Spotlight: Jango Fett

Star Wars Costume Spotlight: Jango Fett

Star Wars Costume Spotlight: Jango Fett

Hey Star Wars fans! Today we’ll take a look at the infamous Jango Fett from Attack of the Clones and his son, Boba of Episodes V and VI.

In Episode II, you may recall Jango Fett was hired by Viceroy Gunray to kill Padme. And it turns out he’s the guy who gave his DNA to the people of Kamino to create the clone army in return for a little Jango clone of his own: Boba. He was finally killed by Mace Windu in the Geonosis battle arena, an incident that may explain a lot about Boba Fett’s future in Episodes V and VI.

Now here’s the full Jango Fett costume:

Jango Fett Full Costume


In these close ups you can see that there are seven ammunition pouches on Jango’s belt (top) while Boba’s has eight (bottom):

Ammunition belt close up 1

Ammunition belt close up 2


Here you can see that Boba’s jet pack (right) and Jango’s (left) are very different. For example the rocket boosters on Boba’s pack are more out to the side while the rocket boosters on Jango’s pack aren’t. The missile head on Boba’s pack is longer while Jango’s missile head on his pack is shorter. While Jango’s pack looks well cleaned, Boba’s is old because the the missile head is rusted and the paint is chipped off:

Jango and Boba's Jet Packs


In this close up of one of Jango’s wrist bands and one of his blasters you can see they are a bit dirty:

Close up 1


Another wrist band:

Close up 2


In this close up of the feet you can see that the armor on the legs is scorched (due to blaster fighting):

Close up 3

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