Star Wars Costume Spotlight: BB-8

Star Wars Costume Spotlight: BB-8

Star Wars Costume Spotlight: BB-8

Hey Star Wars fans! Today I am going to be doing a post on everyone’s other fan favorite and Poe Dameron’s droid partner, BB-8 himself!

If you recall BB-8 worked with Poe Dameron the X-Wing fighter pilot while they where looking for a map that led to Luke Skywalker. When Poe was captured by the First Order, BB-8 went off into the desert of Jakku to find someone who could help him. He was able to get help from Rey and Finn.

Now before we go on to the costume here are a couple of composite sketches of how BB-8 started out:

In the first one of the sketches that was drawn by J.J. Abrams (see my previous post):

BB-8 Concept Sketch 1


Here’s the sketch of BB-8 today:

BB-8 Concept Sketch 2


Here’s a photo of BB-8 as he appeared in The Force Awakens:

BB-8 1


Here’s a close up of BB-8 from the side:

BB-8 2


In this close up you can see that the head is covered with dirt and dust:

BB-8 close up 1


In this close-up you can see the bottom of his body is covered in dirt and dust as well. That’s what happens when being in the desert for so long:

BB-8 close up 2

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