New Star Wars Inspired Dog Tags Set available now!

New Star Wars Inspired Dog Tags Set available now!

New Star Wars Inspired Dog Tags Set available now! has debuted a brand new Star Wars themed item: an inspired dog tags set! This set costs $10 and shipping is free.

According to the details:

  • Looking for that subtle detail to bring your Star Wars character to life? These military-inspired dog tags are perfect for your cosplay or bounding outfit.
  • This item consists of two acrylic tags, one with your custom info engraved in Aurebesh, the other with a large version of your chosen faction logo. A 24-inch ball chain is included. Wear them under your outfit and only show your identity and affiliation to your true allies!
  • You must specify your/your character’s last name, first name, ID number, and rank. (If you need a little help on that, scroll down — we have some advice.) Please note some colors are restricted by your choice of faction/affiliation.
  • LAST NAME & FIRST NAME: This can be the person’s real name or their character name. Please keep each of the First and Last names to 12 characters per entry so it fits!
  • ID NUMBER: This is any combination of numbers and letters that you want. Many people combine birthdates, addresses, initials, anniversaries, or other data based on personal connections. Heck, you can fill in your real-life driver’s license number! You can’t get it wrong as long as it means something to you, but please keep it to 12 characters maximum so it fits.
  • RANK: If your character is in the military, both the Resistance and the First Order recognize Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Commander, Colonel, Admiral, and General, as well as variations on those ranks. Sergeant and Ensign may also apply, depending on the character. Civilians, of course, wouldn’t worry about this line.
  • Perfect gift for any Star Wars fan!
  • Features an inspired dog tags set.
  • Handmade item
  • Brand: KatrinsCuriosities
  • Character: Star Wars
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Inspired by Star Wars

Here are some photos of this cool set:

SW Inspired Dog Tags Set 1

SW Inspired Dog Tags Set 2

SW Inspired Dog Tags Set 3

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