New Rogue One Deathtrooper Silver Coin available for pre-order!

New Rogue One Deathtrooper Silver Coin available for pre-order!

New Rogue One Deathtrooper Silver Coin available for pre-order! and New Zealand Mint have begun a pre-order for a brand new Rogue One themed Imperial Deathtrooper silver coin! This coin costs $85 and is expected to ship on Jun. 2020 and Jul. 2020.

According to the details:

  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Imperial Deathtrooper Silver Coin
  • Naturally the elite Stormtrooper in the Galactic Empire™’s military, the Death Trooper™, feature in our officially licensed Guards of the Empire Silver Coin Collection.
  • This rectangular 1oz pure silver coin has an antique finish which adds to the menacing feel.
  • It shows a colored Death Trooper in his specialized armor with a dark, ominous gleam. The engraved background shows two Death Troopers in action at The Battle of Scarif™.
  • The coin is packaged in a Star Wars™ branded box and kept safe inside a magnetized acrylic holder, which still allows easy access.
  • A Certificate of Authenticity is included which confirms it as pure silver and contains its unique number in the limited 2,000-coin mintage.
  • Line one up in your sights today!
  • Brand: Star Wars
  • Manufacturer: New Zealand Mint
  • Type: Silver Collectible
  • Material: Silver
  • Product Size: Height: 1.41″ (35.81 mm) | Width: 2.08″ (52.83 mm)
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.00 lbs (0 kg) [Intl. 0.00 lbs (0 kg)]
  • Inspired by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Here are some photos of this cool silver coin:

RO Deathtrooper Silver Coin 1

RO Deathtrooper Silver Coin 2

RO Deathtrooper Silver Coin 3

RO Deathtrooper Silver Coin 4

RO Deathtrooper Silver Coin 5

RO Deathtrooper Silver Coin 6

RO Deathtrooper Silver Coin 7

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